Tips From Personal Stylist Suzanne Baker: How To Find Your Most Flattering Neckline

Choosing the right neckline ensure you make a bold statement, create a balanced silhouette and have the perfect from for some amazing accessories. A great neckline really matters. So, let’s find out which style this personal stylist in London recommends is perfect for you!

Everyone has a different body type. The key is to know which styles and fits looks best on yours. Here is a list of some popular necklines you could consider, and which body types they suit best.

  • Crew Neck – Otherwise known as a round neck, this style accentuates your face and shoulders. They fit those of us with a medium bust, long neck and wide shoulders. It’s a really simple neckline, which is classic and can be worn with almost anything.
  • Boat Neck – This is a wider neckline that comes just below the collarbone. It balances you out if you have a full midsection, because it draws the eye out to your shoulders. If you’re pear shaped or have slender shoulders, opt for a boat neck and pair it with layered necklaces and oversized accessories.
  • Button-up – A classic neckline that works with any body type. If you’re petite, go for a tailored cut. More busty? Choose something with a looser fit and drapey fabric. Balance it out with some delicate layered necklaces.
  • Halter – If you want to showcase your shoulders and draw the eye upward, opt for a halter neck. It’s a perfect style for wider shoulders and for straighter body types. No necklaces are needed with a halter neck. Keep it simple and let the neckline speak for itself.
  • Scoop Neck – A friend to all body types is the scoop neck. It draws the eye downward, lengthens your neck and accentuates your collarbone. Pairing it with layered necklaces or drop earrings is perfect for that lengthening effect.
  • V-Neck – Everyone can wear a V-neck and look great. The key to getting is right is to choose the right depth of the V that suits your bust size. The bigger the bust, the deeper the V to elongate and balance your silhouette. You can fun with lots of accessories when you wear a V-neck.
  • Off the shoulder – This style is really in trend this summer. It’s great for balancing out a fuller mid-section. If you’re hair is short, it’s a perfect style for you to be your signature look.

If you want more help finding your perfect neckline, and live in London, consider booking a session with an image consultant who can give you lots of info and advice.

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