Creating A Baby Registry

Creating a registry for your growing family or first baby? is the premiere destination for universal gift registry services and will help you get ready when the big day finally comes. Their universal registry allows you to register for the safest car seat, the softest blankets, and everything else you need to welcome your newest family member.

The coolest part? You can add these items and more from ANY store of your choice to one, simple gift registry list —whether it be a local mom and pop shop without a website or a national chain superstore. You can even upload existing store registries if you already have, and even register for big ticket items through a cash gift fund all in one place. For FREE! Check out why we love the site, below:

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Add Anything, From Anywhere
Yup, you read that right.
Whether it be a local mom and pop shop without a website or a national chain superstore, allows you to add anything you want to your list from any store, anywhere.

Combine and Conquer
Still want to register elsewhere? MyRegistry allows users to sync their various gift registries, combining them into one master list. One and done.

Barcode Scanning Power
Out shopping and found something you love? No need to rush to a computer, simply scan the barcode of the item you’re coveting with your smartphone to easily add it to your gift list. This is a great way to have that in-store registry experience while still keeping things simple.

Skip the Awkward

Let’s face it, cash can be one of the most useful gifts to give, but no one wants to ask for it. MyRegistry allows users to register for cash gifts, and show where it will be used by uploading an image and description. Whether you’re saving for your college fund, or just hoping to take a family trip, the “Cash Gift Fund” option can help you get there.

There’s Lots to Discover

Not sure where to start? Check out other parent’s registries in real time to see what they’re hoping to receive, and get a little inspiration for your own list while you’re at it.

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Give Back

Whether you already have everything you need as a couple, or simply want to give loved ones the option of donating, the service allows users to include donations to their favorite charity or cause as gift options through their “universal add” and “cash gift” options. Who doesn’t love the chance to give a little (or a lot)?

Sharing is Caring

Let your loved ones and guests know that you’ve created a registry with a personalized ecard. So much better than snail mail.

It’s Personal

Have a question or need advice? The MyRegistry concierge team is available to both you and your guests via phone or chat. And they’re super quick about responding — trust us, we just tried it out!

Don’t Forget to Say Thanks

After all is said and done, the last thing you want to forget to do is send your thank you cards. Lucky for you, MyRegistry allows you to set reminders, so you won’t forget to let Aunt Dot know how much you appreciated the blender she bought you.

It’s Not Just for Weddings

Not engaged? Not a problem — MyRegistry can be used for graduations, baby showers, holidays, you name it. If there’s a gift involved, MyRegistry has you covered.

Now that you’ve got the low-down on this awesome site, it’s time to get shopping!



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