Preparing For Puppies

Bringing a new puppy to your home is a joyous event. You and your kids will all love it and you will have a new friend for life. However, this beautiful moment is not as easy as it looks since there is a lot preparation to be done. So, before the big day, make sure to have a checklist that you will complete on time.

Puppy-proof the House

Since your home is a new territory to explore, you have to make sure it is safe. Put away all the house plants, shoes, decorations and clothing. You don’t want those ruined and the mess around the house. Also, any small items on the coffee table and close to the ground should be out of puppies reach since they can be dangerous if it swallows them. Additionally, tablecloths, runners and any other hanging materials should be secured so the puppy wouldn’t pull them on itself. Lastly, make sure any cleaning products and hazardous liquids are safely secured in the cupboards and storage rooms so they are not accessible to the pup.

Preparing For Puppies

Supplies and Toys

Make a checklist and make sure to include all the necessities. From the start, your pup will need a collar and a leash, but make sure they are functional because they are essential for the future training. Also, it will need its food and water dishes and you will want ones that cannot be tipped over easily. Besides these, your new pup will need its grooming tools, a name tag and plenty of indestructible toys. Additionally, don’t forget to get plenty of food and treats. Basically, there are a lot of things to consider, but you can easily check out the online pet supplies and stores and make sure to have everything there is.

House Rules

It is important to set the house rules even before the puppy arrives. This way, everyone in the family will know that this is serious responsibility and that the puppy needs to be taken care of properly. Start by making a schedule for puppy care. Tell your kids and everyone else in the house when they will be feeding the dog, how often should they do it and why. Make a schedule for taking the dog for a walk, when is their turn to bathe the puppy and groom it. It is essential that everyone has their roles and that you all participate. That way, the dog will become familiar with everyone and it won’t misbehave because of lack of authority.

Introduce the Puppy Properly

As soon as the big day arrives, you should slowly begin with training. From the very first step into the new home, your puppy should know its family and all the rules. Introduce the puppy with its bathroom, sleeping and feeding area. The first day will be hard on everyone, but you need to be patient and your puppy will safely and happily go on to its first night in the new house.

Even though having a puppy needs some extra preparation, don’t get discouraged. It is still a joyful event and you will have a new family member. Be patient with the dog, and through time it will learn to adjust and behave.

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