Best New iPad Apps for Kids Fall 2016

The most impressive new iPad apps for kids is not actually so new. You probably know Cubic Frog® as the award-winning maker of some of the best iPads Apps for toddlers but I bet you didn’t know they’ve just released four of their free educational games in 12 different languages.

Now every time you download Preschool EduBirthday, Preschool EduKidsRoom, Preschool EduKitty, and Preschool EduBirthday the games automatically come with the option to choose between 12 different languages. Toddlers can play these educational iPads apps in English, German, Korean, Farsi, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic. If you already learn and play with these toddler educational apps, just install the free updates and the new languages will be there waiting for you.

This is a huge accomplishment for Cubic Frog® apps makers and an amazing added bonus to these already great ipad apps for kids. Now toddlers can learn in their own language and multilingual kids can learn in whichever language they desire at any given moment. Or kids of all ages can practice and learn a totally new language. Switching between the twelve languages is simple thanks to user friendly, kid friendly design.

The limited versions of all Cubic Frog® ipads apps for kids are all available for free in the iTunes App Store. The full versions of these educational apps for toddlers currently cost $3.99 and boast tons of mini-games, customization, fun music, and unlimited play.

-Preschool EduBirthday is set in a kid’s birthday party where toddlers learn a wide variation of cognitive essentials like numbers, abc, shapes, colors, etc.

-Preschool EduKitty is also a powerful tool for teaching toddlers everything from 123s to vocab, a series of fun mini games taking place on a school playground with the guidance of a friendly cat.

-Preschool EduKidsRoom focuses on organization and reasoning skills and is set in a child’s playroom.

-Preschool EduKitchen, which teaches children healthy eating habits with games for toddlers to learn everything from recycling, vegetables, fruits, to setting the table.  

All four games sharpen sensory and fine motor skills with tap and touch interactive play  commands.

It’s easy to see why this fall, the best new iPad apps for kids easily belongs to Preschool EduBirthday, Preschool EduKidsRoom, Preschool EduKitty, and Preschool EduBirthday.

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