Who Might Be Living Rent Free in Your Attic or Loft?

Have you ever thought about what might be living in your attic or loft? There are the normal creepy crawlies that tend to make homes in those tucked away corners of our homes and garages, but there can also be big pests living closer to you than you think! They can be separated into three groups: mice and rats, squirrels, and birds. Learn the signs of each group, so you know just who is hiding away up there!

Mice and Rats

These guys can get into your home through small holes in the roof or external walls. You tend to hear them at night. If your ears are good you can hear mice in the house in the evening when everything inside the home is still. These pests can cause destruction to wires and wood, so getting them out of your home is essential. In terms of both rats and effective mice pest control, you’re going to want to look into traps or, if there is an infestation, professional help.Who Might Be Living Rent Free in Your Attic or Loft


It may surprise you to learn that finding squirrels in the loft is as common as finding rats or mice. These creatures like to burrow into your insulation and make nests in there. You can often hear them scratching and clawing around during the night. Often, you can tell it’s a squirrel and not a mouse or a rat due to the fact that squirrels tend to rip materials, whereas rats and mice simply gnaw them. Having squirrels in the attic (and loft) is a problem for which professional help would be the best solution.


Birds often find their way into your attic of loft when searching for a spot to make a nest. Pigeons are some of the biggest culprits for doing this. Due to their size and lifestyle, having birds in your attic and loft can do a lot of damage very quickly. If you are hearing a lot of flapping and bird noises especially in the early morning, it’s a tell tale sign that you have pigeon problems. This should be taken care of as soon as possible to make sure your home isn’t damaged.

Pests are something that all homeowners have to deal with at least once in their lives, and correctly identifying what you have living in your loft or attic can help you find the right pest control method much more easily.

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