The Benefits Of Bedtime Stories

You can probably remember when you were a young child how your parents would tell you a bedtime story. That was a time of closeness and serenity when a parent took time out to make gong to bed at night an occasion to remember.

You probably can’t remember too much about the children bedtime stories that you were told, but it is the event itself that you remember. The real event is the fact that a parent takes the time to spend a precious moment with a child in which valuable bonding takes place. It is the cementing of a lifelong relationship that occurs.

Research has also shown that in addition to the emotional impact bedtime storytelling provides, it also is a process that significantly helps to develop the brain power of the child. The very process of communicating directly to the child helps to improve the logic capability and neural transmission processes withing the child’s brain.

frontpagead01According to research that compared the learning and cognitive ability between children who had regularly been read to when they were growing up and those who were not shows a decided difference in reading and ability to learn and communicate.

When a child hears a story read to them, they associate the sounds of the words with the pictures that they see in the book. If the story is about the moon, for example, and the OO sound of Moon is exaggerated, then the auditory connections to the brain are stimulated and the brain remembers that in future occasions when the moon is mentioned.

This works for all kinds of sounds and words, and that is how we learn to read and associate words with meanings. If this occurs when the child is very young, then there is just that much more stimulation and children learn and retain information better because of it.

The more frequently a child hears these sounds, the faster they become when they process these sounds. This is one of the reasons children like to hear not only good bedtime stories, but the same story over and over, because they find the familiar repetitive sounds comforting.

One thing that parents can do is to take a story a step further by starting a conversation about the story after it is read. Children like to give their own opinions about things, and a good story is a great way to do this, and bond closer to your child in the same exercise. And this is the reason for my post today, so head on to find free bedtime stories for kids and surprise your little ones with great bedtime stories for children.

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