Cute Cake Decorating Ideas

This holiday season, why not try some cute and creative cake decorating ideas to spice up your desserts.

You can turn a cake into almost anything that you want it to be with some creative cutting and icing. Why not use Trix cereal to add decorative polka-dots to your cake, use food coloring and marzipan to make 3D designs, and use edible glitter to make the cake that little bit extra-special.

Don’t forget that you can get designs printed onto edible paper. A lot of companies will take digital images, print them and send the sheets to you – ideal for extra-special cupcakes. If you’re not artistically inclined then this is a brilliant way to make your cakes unique without the potential for something to go rather wrong.

Cake Decorating Ideas

Another great option is to decorate with cookies, chocolates, crisps or pretzels. You’ve probably seen the blue icing style cake made to look like the cookie monster that has cookies decorating it. You can do the same with almost anything edible – make a Star Wars droid with sticks of chocolate for legs, or a Dalek with truffles stuck on to the armour.

The options are endless – a ‘pizza cake’ with gummy candy for toppings, or a cake for adults with fruit on top, and chocolate drizzled over the top of it.

The humble marshmallow is one of great cake decorating ideas too. Marshmallows come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors, so they can be used for almost anything.

Icing sugar is a great decoration too. If you want something simple but luxurious, try a chocolate cake with a decorative dusting of sugar made using a stencil.

Bigger cakes are easier to decorate than cupcakes, and some people go all-out making entire cake ‘scenes’. If you decide to do this, plan carefully, and think about how the cake will taste too. It’s pointless spending hours on marzipan and icing to put on top of a boring Victoria sponge cake. Make sure that whatever you make will taste good and not be overly sickly. Keep it simple if you’re in doubt – make a nice battenburg, cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree, and put some 100s and 1000s on it for ‘baubles’, to make a delicious, simple and great looking cake that everyone can enjoy. It’s easy, and it will still impress your guests!

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