What is the Average Age That Babies Begin to Grow Teeth?

If you are the parent of a new baby, there are likely many concerns that you have, particularly if this is your first child. You want to be sure that your offspring develops normally, and that you are prepared for the various things that will occur as they grow, including when they begin to teeth. Many parents are worried that the baby will get their teeth too soon, too late, that they will be crooked, and a host of other perfectly natural concerns that all parents have regarding the health and wellness of their children.

There is actually a wide range of ages that can be considered normal for your child to begin to get their first teeth. Even if one of your children gets them at a particular age, it does not necessarily meant that your younger children will follow the same pattern. As with everything else, each of your children is an individual that will develop at their own pace. Therefore, do not panic if your second child does not get their teeth at the same age as their older sibling.

When your children are young, you should be making regular visits to the pediatrician. During these, the doctor will check out things like whether or not the youngster has started to cut their first teeth. Should the timing become a concern, they will be sure to let you know and order the appropriate tests. However, it is not uncommon for children to reach a year of age before getting their first tooth.

One thing that you should do is prepare beforehand by getting some type of teething medications. There are various ones on the market that you can choose from, and you can even select from homeopathic options if you are concerned about the chemicals and such in the traditional over the counter ones that you are likely more familiar with. As with the other choices with being a parent, this is a personal decision that you do not have to let others make for you.

If you want to be sure that your baby grows up well, make sure to take them to all of their regular appointments, and develop an oral routine care plan early on so that they are comfortable with keeping their teeth clean. Use appropriate teething medications when you feel they are appropriate.

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