Childcare Advice: Blogs to Checkout!

The internet throughout the years has become a source for people to turn to for advice in everyday matters. Whether it is, how to get a stain out of the carpet, what food to cook for dinner, where to vacation and many other inquiries. Along with one of the most common subjects, that has a multitude of blogs and websites directed at it, is thoughts and ideas on parenting and childcare. There are so many different sites, one will suggest one thing while another will suggest something entirely different. So below I have included below some of the more well-known sites that parents are referring to. However, use common sense as you read through blogs and remember that not every parent is right all of the time. Even when you are reading one of your favorite parenting blogs, it is important to remember that you are the one who makes decisions about your child’s life. You may even find that you disagree with a blogger who has the same parenting style as you from time to time, and that is ok.


Chasing Rainbows

Whether you are raising a kid with a disability or just looking for easy activities the whole family can enjoy, the Chasing Rainbows blog is great. A woman named Kate is the writer of this blog, and she shares her story as she raises her son with a disability. Even in weak moments her site has a positive tone and suggests activities that are great for any family.

First Time Mom and Dad

The great thing about this parenting blog is that it pokes fun at being a parent. It is run by a woman named April and her husband. In addition to parenting tips, the pair shares horror stories, rants, pictures, and more. It is a fun way to discuss the struggles of first-time parenting but also comes with some incredible tips along the way.

Family, Fitness, and Food

This blog offers great insight if you lead an active lifestyle. Sue is a mother who loves her family, great food, and fitness. She is a stay at home mom, but her active lifestyle keeps her and her kids on the go! If you are looking for advice on keeping kid’s active or choosing healthy foods, this is a great choice. Her articles are straightforward and easy to understand.

House of Rose


If you are constantly worrying that your parenting isn’t perfect, this blog is for you. The great thing about Rose is that she understands parents aren’t perfect. In fact, that is the key focus point of her blog. This blog shares stories, pictures, and fun ideas while providing the inspiration that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good parent.

8-Bit Dad

Here’s a blog for our father readers- 8-Bit Dad. This blog provides great information on how fathers can be modern and fun. This blog features multiple authors and is slightly on the nerdy side- which is great if you are that type of parent. It also offers a collective place for information, ideas, and advice.

Bad Parenting Moments

This blog is great for people who are looking for reassurance that they are not failing as parents, or for those just looking for a laugh. Bad Parenting Moments, instead of telling you how to parent, shares all of the awkward and funny moments that come with parenting. This is even a great read for non-parents, as some of the stories are just hilarious!


There is a wide variety of parenting topics that are discussed through all the blogs floating on the internet. Ranging from: what to feed your child, crafts and activities, how to discipline, how to take care of an injury (though, if your child is seriously injured, it is best you take him to a local pediatrician, like Night Lite, to receive the proper treatment) and much more. Remember it is okay to pick and choose advice. Not everything you read is going to pertain to yours and your child’s personality and current situation. Ultimately, you are the one who chooses their pediatrician, makes decisions about the food that they can eat, and picks what school your child should attend, not a blogger. So, as you find yourself desperately seeking out parenting advice online, remember that you need to take a minute and consider your own opinions as well.

Lautaro Martinez is a family man and freelance writer who shares parenting techniques he has leanered first hand while raising his kids. If you would like to learn more about Lautaro, feel free to check out his Google+ profile

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