Tips on How to Keep Your Newborn Baby Healthy

Your newborn baby is far more fragile than you may think.  Keeping an infant healthy is an uphill task since there are germ hazards and some conditions that you have to contend with. As much as exposure to germs helps build the infant’s immunity, this doesn’t mean that you should deliberately expose your baby to germs and other adverse conditions.

Babies should be protected from germs such as cold and flu because they can cause lots of problems to them. Having a sick baby can be very stressful for parents and can cause a lot of problems. A mother may have to take time off from work to stay at home with the infant.

To keep your newborn baby healthy, you need to play defense. The following are some guidelines on how to keep your baby healthy:

Keep Your Newborn Baby Healthy

Make hand washing a must: Touch is the most common way of spreading infectious diseases. As such, you should always ensure that you wash your hands before preparing your infant’s food or picking up the baby and after changing the diaper, using the bathroom, or walking into the house. You should also make this mandatory for anyone who wants to hold your newborn baby.

Redirect: If stopping many people from touching your infant is difficult, you can at least control what they touch. For instance, you can ask people to kiss the infant’s feet instead of face or hands. Obviously, they will happily get to touch the baby, but their germs will be confined to an area of the body that is less likely to make the baby sick. However, this will only be safe until the baby turns 9 months, when babies start sucking their toes.

Carry with you a hand sanitizer: Although according to the experts soap and water is the best way to eliminate germs, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers is also very effective. So you should always ensure that you have a bottle with you every time you are out and about. In case any admirer is persistent on touching your baby, ask them to take a dab of the sanitizer on their hands before they can do it in order to keep your infant healthy. It is recommended that they rub it vigorously for 15-20 seconds for it to work effectively.

Exercise crowd control: With a newborn around, you really don’t want to be near many people. This is because there is always the likelihood that some of them will be ill. So it is advisable for you to avoid large family gatherings and crowded places such as malls. But you can start being more adventurous as soon as your baby is at least three months old.

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