Different Ways Of Making Healthy Kids Milkshakes

Parents with kids who tend to be or are fussy usually go through a lot of trouble especially when feeding then. They do have a lot of problems when trying to get them have meals, and not only meals, but healthy means. Generally most kids would prefer foods that are sugary or junk over those that are prepared at home. For a child to have a healthy growth both physically and mentally, it is important to ensure that they have had a correct amount of vitamins, calcium, proteins and minerals in their diets. If your child doesn’t agree to take foods with good nutrients in them, then you must try to find other ways of ensuring that they take them. Making them take healthy milkshakes will therefore be a very good idea to ensure that they have the right nutrients in their body.

The following are a sample of milkshakes and how to prepare them, which are easy to prepare for your kid.

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Milkshakes which are healthy for young kids can be prepared in different ways. It is therefore possible for one to come up with a one week recipe and all will be different, each with its day. You can make them according to the way your kid wants, and this is the best part. Besides these, you can find more good health tips at Healthykidhappykid.com

1) On Monday: Milkshake with Strawberry
Make one glass of milkshake with strawberry for your kid on a Monday morning. On your list would be about 15 fresh strawberry fruits, one cup of milk (skimmed), ice cubes, and some vanilla ice cream (scoop).  After you have collected this, put them in a blender and mix them up until they are all smooth. After you are done with the blending, garnish them with some cut mint leaves.

2) On Tuesday: Banana Smoothie
Potassium and iron are elements found in bananas. Get two bananas and mash them, then squeeze some lemon juice on them. Add some honey to two cups of milk. Get all this and mix them in a blender.

3) On Wednesday: Blueberry Milkshake
Take fresh blueberry fruits about two cups, a cup of apple juice, some honey and vanilla yoghurt (low fat). Mix them up in a blender until it becomes super smooth. You can also make this kind of milkshake by mixing blueberries and almond milk or even vanilla rice.

4) On Thursday: milkshake with chocolate
Take a bar of black chocolate and mix it with two cups of milk and some chocolate sauce as well. Blend them together in a blender. This recipe is not so healthy so you might have to add some nuts while blending to boost it’s nutritional value.

5) On Friday: Smoothie with peanut butter
Take two spoonfuls of peanut butter and some skimmed milk, two cups. After you have mixed them, add some bananas (mashed). Mix them using a blender until the mixture is smooth. Ensure you serve this one immediately.

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