Outdoor Games Kids Love to Play

Do you remember when you had no cares in the world and the biggest dilemma of the day was what game to play or who you were going to pick to be on your kick ball team? Outdoor games as a kid were a time of priceless fun! Instead of staying inside and missing out on all the fun, why not enjoy the nice weather out during the summer time!?

We take a little more precaution in this day and age. We had to boil in the hot sun years ago, but now we have a sun shelter that’s great for families and kids!

Here are 7 outdoor games kids love to play!

1. Yard Twister
A classic favorite outdoor game, where you will find yourself all tangled up with your family and friends! Just spray paint directly on the grass and make the twister game as big as you want, depending how many people are playing!

2. Water Balloon Madness
This water balloon game is similar to hitting several piñatas, except you’re popping as many water balloons as you can! Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch: See how fast you can do it blindfolded! With this game, the kids will surely stay cool while having some fun in the sun!

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3. Competitive Obstacle Course
Who doesn’t love a fun obstacle course? Get creative with this one by choosing your own obstacle course. This can be based on what materials you have around the house as well as the ages of those who will be participating. Make it fun, yet competitive!

4. Bowling outdoors
Bring the bowling alley right to your own backyard! Use recyclable bottles, a ball of your choice, and they’ll be making strikes in no time! Consider painting the recyclable bottles to really make it feel like a bowling game! This a great DIY project that will keep the kids busy! Glow in the dark paint and glow sticks also make a fun evening bowling game!

5. Tunnel Tag
This game is similar to a traditional game of freeze tag but taking it up a notch! Gather the kids and have them play the traditional game of freeze tag except when frozen, each child must stand with legs spread apart and have someone slide between their legs to unfreeze them! This game will make the game of tag much more fun and exciting!

6. Soccer Race
Whether the kids are more interested in soccer or track, this game will appease both! Gather 4-6 soccer balls and have each child race to get to the flag at the other side! Plan to customize the race with an extra obstacle at the end to make it even more challenging! The kids will enjoy kicking around the ball all day!

7. Tug of War
There are some games that never lose their luster! A classic game of tug of war gets all kids involved and excited to be outside. The hardest part is getting a big enough rope for this game! Draw a line on the grass and have the same amount of children on each side of the rope! The side that passes the opposing teams line is the winner!

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