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Talking about death or even thinking about is not a pleasant thing. However, we should be prepared for this unwanted moment because it will surely come, despite our expectations or desires. We just cannot change anything about it. But we can try to do everything we can to avoid all unpleasant situations after our death. In the first place, these troubles can be caused by our will and our property. Sometimes, people have failed to manage all these things before their death, which will only make big troubles to their loved ones. Sometimes, legal ambiguity can cause disharmony in relationships between family members, who might think that they have legal or moral right to get some parts of your inheritance. This is the intro to a number of endless quarrels, which, in the end, can lead to a permanent family dysfunction.

Making a will with precise explanation is one of the most effective ways of avoiding these unpleasant situations. However, making a testament is not something that will save you from all troubles. In most cases, typical testament is about your assets and material property, not about digital legacy such as your e-mails, internet accounts, social profiles, etc. This specific digital property is also something you should think about before you die.


Why it is so important? Simply because these items also might cause many troubles to your family and friends, which is why you must be very clear about it. In addition, you must specify what should be done with it when you die.

We live in the digital era, and we leave our footprints all over the virtual world. Some of these traces can be shared with others, some of them not. For example, you probably have a ton of family pictures, videos or letters that you want to be available to your dearest after your death. It would not be the problem if you left all passwords to your e-mails and files. If you did not, your content will probably be lost forever.

However, there is one great solution for this problem. You can use Lexikins’ secure platform, and take care about all your digital estate for good. It is a powerful service that allows you to store all your information and private information in one place. It is an ideal place for storing your passwords of all your accounts, which will be accessible to your beloved after your death. Of course, you can determine which information should remain private and lock them forever.

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