I Had A Great Weekend In Calgary!

I’ve just had a wonderful weekend in Calgary! My husband went there for business and since I had some free time, I joined him. Of course, me being a blogger has some advantages so I often make use of the fact that I can work from anywhere.

Besides having a great time traveling there by car, I enjoyed walking through some of the best looking neighborhoods I’ve ever seen. I have to say that I’m not a very active person and I don’t really engage myself in outdoor activities. Sure, I exercise and do my time on the treadmill, but walking outside, just to see things or clear my mind…that was never my thing.

altadore park
Well, this changed in Calgary! Beautiful parks, plenty of people who were walking or playing sports there, a river with kayakers, kids running around…it was a beautiful site. So much more peaceful than home, but more active. I really loved the atmosphere there!

One of the luxurious communities in Calgary is Altadore, there are some great looking homes and buildings there. I’ve found out that Altadore homes for sale don’t stay on the market for too long. A lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs are drawn to this area, hence the luxury homes and high property prices. Well, it’s no wonder, everything looks beautiful in this area, the shopping area, the parks, the school…

The weather was more than fine so we went to an outdoor swimming pool and spent the entire afternoon there. I fell in love with this place and I hope I’ll have the chance to visit it again. If you’ve never been to Calgary and you want to have an interesting, active weekend, this is the place to go.

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