Consider Using Bidet Attachments

The research shows that during the last few years the Americans have shown an interest in buying and installing bidet attachments. This ongoing phenomenon has encouraged many large retail stores and the malls to provide more options of this apparatus. A research carried out on Google Trends shows that the number of searches conducted for various models of toilet bidets manufactured by various manufacturers has substantially gone up since the beginning of October 2009. The three likely reasons that could have contributed to increased use of these attachments could be:

1. On buying a bidet of full size there is a saving of about 8%.

2. Its installation doesn’t necessitate any new plumbing.

3. Installation of a full-sized bidet doesn’t require expansion of the bathroom

One of the first bidet attachment makers in the world expressed his surprise on the increasing sales of bidet attachments, especially when the economy is this slow. The manufacturer also pointed out that one of the factors contributing to enhanced sales has been that generally people are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainable living and many are keen to preserve natural resources to the possible extent. Making one roll of toilet paper consumes a lot of natural resources, which include 1.5 lb of wood, electric energy in amount of 1.5KW and water amounting to 37 gallons. Google Trends also points out that the number of searches made for the word ‘bidet’ far exceeds the number of searches for ‘bidet attachment.’ However, it is not practically possible to assess if the searchers were looking for a free-standing bidet or toilet bidet attachment.

Another reason are incentives some companies are using. For example, good people at will plant 10 trees for every unit they sell. By doing this, they will help the environment, just like consumers will if they decide to get a bidet attachment. If you choose not to spend toiler paper, you will save the trees save money.

Latest data from confirms that last month all over the world almost one million searches were made for bidet/bidets. Of these, the number of searches that were initiated from the US was just short of 500,000, showing an increase of eleven percent from 2009. Considering that almost one million searches were made using English and possibly an equal number in languages other than English, it will be quite reasonable to conclude that use of bidets is increasing and worldwide an increasing population is becoming familiar with bidet arrangement. Google statistics also reveal that during the period from 2009-2010 usage of words ‘bidet arrangement’ has gone up by about 300 percent. This figure is exclusive of searches conducted in languages other than English and the phonetic spellings used in those languages are generally different.

Many medical practitioners are also recommending use of bidets, mainly because of the cleanliness and hence better hygiene they provide.

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    More and more Americans are going with the Hand Bidet Sprayer because it’s less expensive and does a better job cleaning you.

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