Plan A Mother Daughter Getaway

Mother daughter getaways are quite important for building a healthy family relationship and special bond between the two. Mothers who are parenting teens (you read that right, more than one) struggle to find actual bonding time. Summer is short and winter break is the same, and kids usual have a bunch of unique things that they’re into doing, which usually pulls a mother in different directions at once. Those breaks from school become even shorter when you remember you need to go back to school shopping as well. If you plan ahead, you can find time to go on fun mother daughter getaways you may have heard of.

Mother Daughter Getaway

In order to plan ahead, think of a few key points

1.    Your Budget: To truly get away, you’re going to need to leave town. Maybe even State or Province. The goal is to spend as much quality time with your daughter as you can without distractions, so the further you can get, the better. Set yourself a budget and do the math to see if the location you choose would require a flight or save you more by driving instead. One tip we’ve heard is to book a flight 47 days before your trip for some savings. We haven’t tested that.

2.    Pick Your Location: Again, you’re looking for a place that neither you or your daughter will be too distracted by others. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have some places to go to. I mean, you will be tourists, why not see the city? Find locations with fun tour guides, theme parks, or check out some museums. And, of course, malls.

3.    Find A Place To Stay: There are many sites willing and able to show you cheap rates for hotels, B&B’s or other places to stay. B&B’s are more local and less commercialized, and there are a lot less people staying at most of them. Find a quiet, private and more localized B&B.

4.    Check Out The Transportation: If you can’t drive to your resort, you’d have to rent a car, right? Not always! Check the city’s transportation information. Public buses may be able to get you all over the city. And when possible, walking a few blocks could be fun for window shopping, and exercise is good.

Mother daughter getaways are quite beneficial for both in the relationship. And you have the choice of taking a week-long getaway or a mother daughter weekend getaway. Mother daughter weekend getaways probably shouldn’t be too far of course, but that’s just our opinion. Have fun!

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