High Quality Shower Heads Worth Buying

There are two types of high-technology shower heads which are being fiercely debated by modern house designers. One is the simple LED Color Changing Shower Head and the other is the showerhead embedded with Bluetooth speaker.

These two shower heads are clearly different from the normal ones. The main benefit is a lot more fun brought to your bathroom, besides satisfying your personal needs.


Showerhead With Bluetooth Speaker

Play music while taking a shower is a thing that many people enjoy doing. Well, believe it or not, now it is possible to have in your own bathroom both high-technology LED shower head with Bluetooth speaker incorporated. One of the most popular models of such shower head is moxie showerhead fitted with Bluetooth speaker. While taking a shower you will also keep entertained by your favorite music. Their price is between 160USD and 210USD. It is affordable enough model so that anyone can be able to buy it.

shower head

Led Shower Head

The new Temperature Color Changing LED Faucets is visually illustrating the water temperature. There are three main colors representing three water temperature values. A great advantage of such shower heads is that water doesn’t stop flowing while the LED gives off light, but continues to come so the user is not being interrupted by such occurrence; there are some people who fear this eventuality. Fun during bath time is not the only pleasant service that LED shower heads provide, but they will also give an elegant, convenient and impressive aspect to your bathroom. Adding such innovative accessories will not influence in any way high pressure shower.

Your bathroom will completely get transformed, independently of what mode you decide to buy. When you add something new in the middle of traditional accessories used until now for the only purpose of relaxing and high pressure water flow, things will surely change in a brand new modern way.

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