2 Years in HELL building a company to benefit MOM’S DAD’S and their ATHLETES

What is MAX MY BODY?

MAX MY BODY is dedicated to helping families, coaches, and schools bring awareness to how proper nutrition will maximize athletic performance. Athletes and their families will use this innovative tool to discover which foods boost performance in the training room and learn how use proper and result-oriented meal plans.


I met my wife walking down a crowded Hollywood blvd on a weekday during lunchtime. She was and still is the most royal and magnificent woman that I had ever seen. Our courtship was quick and painless, not from my skill as a ladies man but more from the fact that we immediately trusted each other with everything, our secrets, insecurities and most importantly our futures.

“My dad told me that when you see a beautiful redhead walking your way, get ready to have your life changed!”

When my wife asked me one afternoon while walking through the park during a Pop Warner Youth Football practice, “Hey those kids are cute, it must be cool to be a coach?”

The reason that she said this was I had previously told her that I played football at this age and I coached this league the year before.

I said, “yes it was cool, I can do it this Summer if you like!”, that was it, and just like that we started a journey together;

That has spanned 4 ½ years, 2 kids, 10 part-time jobs, opening a catering company, enrolling in California’s food stamp program, 1 eviction, losing our car to a drunk driver and having to ride only bicycles with a trailer for our kids for 2 years, donating to every charity that we can afford.

Now on the verge of opening a tech nutrition company that can help over 8 million high school athletes, 19 million moms, and over 150,000 high school coaches understand individual athletic nutrition to maximize each athletes performance.

It has been quite an adventure…….


I was in the park this morning walking our 14 year old pitty named KOBE. He is kind of on his last legs and just wants to spend time at the park, so we usually give him an hour. As you can imagine we see many of the same owners and pooches. I walked into this woman that is friendly with our family and she asked me how I was doing?

I responded “just fine, having a great day!”, even though I knew that I have letter on my on my refrigerator that my landlord is going to legal action for back rent plus another stack of bills that we are behind on. And my response wasn’t a canned response, it was and is truly genuine, I feel great, I feel empowered, I feel like I have reached a milestone in my life that I’m proud to accomplish. I have created a company that will help millions of kids become the superstars of tomorrow in sports. I can also finally help the 19 million moms out there plus the 150,000+ coaches finally make accurate precise decisions about YOUTH SPORTS NUTRITION, you can learn more at www.maxmybody4me.com.

4 ½ years ago

My wife and I joined that Pop Warner football team and started coaching boys aged 11-14, while at the same time we opened our first business, a catering company that services the neighborhood and the local film industry that I used to be a part of.

Because we were heavily involved in nutrition, we each had some key questions about “YOUTH ATHLETIC NUTRITION.” I thought there were too many fast food restaurants around the fields and not enough good food choices for healthy snacks in the park itself.

My wife thought the lack of nutritional information in one location focused on helping moms make the right choices to, as my wife called it, “build a super player”- (she is a foreigner, what can you say, she sometimes wears a fanny pack!) was odd. Considering there were so many kids on the field and so many moms in attendance with McDonalds and Burger King!


So we decided to do something about it, we started taking some of the physical data that we had on the kids from registrations (age, weight, height) and we constructed a simple meal plan for some kids on our teams with the parents permission. The kids liked some of the choices that we suggested for them and the parents found it simple to follow the shopping list and recipes.

That simple gesture out of pure love for my little athletes has brought us to where we are today.

After several meal plans created by hand and several slices of homemade pizza, my wife and I had a late night epiphany! What if we could automate this nutritional search and planning phase for meal planning and made a social app like facebook where high school athletes and parents can receive the nutritional education from multiple verified sources needed to maximize athletic ability during the teen years.

We searched for other app’s already on the market that spoke directly to high school athletes and their parents, but we could not find any. So that meant that I needed to learn how to code an app quickly, so we could get it in the hands of kids that we knew, and before our baby was born.


Well as we found out, building a company, hiring people that understand technology, designing an app and searching for capital to build is a pretty daunting task. There are so many things that a new CEO of a tech company needs to understand and build, we had no idea. But my wife and I are a “never say quit” type of couple. I don’t think that she has ever quit anything in her life, me neither. Of course I have lost many battles, but from my defeat I have never lost one ounce of integrity. And we have taught our children and our players that it is important that give your best shot. So naturally how could we not build our company even though it was and still is the hardest thing that we have ever undertaken. But we did it!!


Well we are finally finished with our initial company documentation, created a real business plan, hired a CPA to create our financial documentation and developed our prototype app. I have attended 2 of the best business incubators in the world and hired 3 co founders that have over 35+ combined years working in the sports industry.

Our team is positioning itself for a Crowd Funding event on Indie GOGO at the end of the month. Plus other investor events within the next few weeks.


Our Crowd Funding campaign to the public is going to be AWESOME!! We are so excited about the opportunity to do several things. Let me tell you what they are;

1.We have decided to offer our new nutrition service ( that is subscription based, because why pay for an entire year of service if your son or daughter only plays a sport in High School for 10 weeks?) to moms dads coaches and athletes at 95% off for just donating to our crowd fund campaign!

2. We are offering, for a maximum donation of $100, we are giving away 100 -200 tee shirts branded with our MAX MY BODY logo and autographed by a


We are launching the beta version of our nutritional app to select High School athletes in the Southern California market in July at the start of the high school football season. We are launching the weekend of the ESPY’S (the OSCARS for sports) here in Los Angeles.

I have lived here in LA through 5 ESPY award shows, and I have seen every amazing athlete you can think of at the show. Well this year we are having a team of Interns work the “RED CARPET” at the show and get our shirts autographed. We will have 10-15 interns plus friends and family working the entire event and the city that weekend to secure between 100-200 authentic autographs. We won’t pick through the shirts to find a favorite. Every shirt is sealed right there and a photo is taken with the athlete for authenticity, boxed and shipped!

Can’t you imagine how awesome this is going to be?!”

Personally I can’t wait to unveil this perk, how many people will get the chance to be in LA during that weekend and get access to the players? “Not many, I bet.” And all you have to do to get in on the app and the shirts is donate to a campaign that is helping millions of athletes, what could be better?


We are just going to do the best that we can, and build the company that we would want to exist if we didn’t build it for our kids, parents and coaches to use and make every athlete around them better, more efficient nutritionally, make the parents and coaches more confident in their nutritional selections that are chosen for the athletes.


No one ever told me that in order to create your own company from scratch the road is long, unpredictable, lonely and bumpy. My wife and kids have been through these obstacles with me, only to have a stronger family bond in the end.

Look for MAX MY BODY this Summer 2015 on iOS and Android, download for free in the Itunes store and Google Playstore. Check www.maxmybody4me.com for updates.

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