Is Rubber Mulch A Good Option For Your Garden?

In the last 5 years, rubber mulch became a very popular solution for landscape projects, home gardens and playgrounds. Although rubber mulch was primarily used in the commercial purposes, more and more people choose it for their homes and gardens.

Rubber Mulch – What’s That?

Yes, I realize not all of you know what this is. I didn’t even heard of this until 2 years ago. It’s actually a product of recycled tires. The tires are ground up meticulously so they form small nuggets, that are up to one inch long. If you’re worried about how safe it is to use rubber mulch, considering the tires are made with the help of chemicals, you will be happy to hear that the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association and Environment Protection Agency approve of rubber mulch to be used in children’s playgrounds. I think this is a good reason for everyone to freely buy and use this type of mulch.

rubber mulch

Organic mulch is a good choice for your garden, there’s no doubt about that. But rubber mulch is simply more efficient because it insulated the soil better. Since the rubber doesn’t absorb water, every drop of rain will get to your plants. And the dry rubber will protect the soil from the weeds, since its seed will be trapped on the upper layer of the mulch. Consequently, the lack of moisture will prevent fungal plants from growing.

When it comes to prices and the investment you have to make – you will save a lot of money if you choose to go with rubber mulch. This material doesn’t deteriorate so you won’t have to keep paying money for a new batch of mulch. Truly, this is a great solution for gardens. Many landscapers use rubber mulch as it is highly versatile and flexible solution. If you ever decide to decorate your garden or do any kind of landscape work, consider this as an option.

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