Baby Animals App For Toddlers

I don’t use a lot of apps myself, but the ones I have installed I use very often. They help me in my everyday activities, these are the apps most folks have – maps, recipes, pedometer and stuff like that. But when it comes to apps made for babies and toddlers, I have dozens of them!

The last app that caught my attention is Baby Animals. It’s a must for anyone who has toddlers as it is very educational and fun.

Lion Talk

Your toddler will be able to learn about different animals, which sounds they make, how to feed them and learn their names. And while your toddler is learning about the animals, trees, flowers and nature, it will also connect with the animals and identify with the younger ones.

This game is very easy to play and it will give you a couple if ideas to entertain and motivate your kid. You just need to select an animal and the parent and child animals will appear. They both have their names, and once you tap them, your kid will hear their voices. Your toddler will soon be able to recognize the difference between the animals and the parent and child animals. And then the toddler will be able to mimic their voices as well.

Bunny Eat

It’s also possible to feed the animals, helping your toddler to connect with the animals and learn how to take care of others. And while your kid is feeding the animals, the counter will show how many times the animals have to chew the food so your toddler will be able to comprehend numbers and counting.

While your kid is playing with this app, you can talk and teach your child about different animals in the world, about adult and baby animals, their voices and names, about the food they eat, etc. Baby Animals is really a great app that you simply have to try out!

You can download the game at iTunes –

Use this promo code to unlock ALL animals – MREAJEFLA9JH

Have fun!

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