Moving Checklist – Things You Need To Take Care Of

Moving to a new home is not an easy thing to do. No matter how much you are excited about the new opportunity and about your new home, it’s tough to part with the place you are used to. And besides dealing with this emotional side of moving, you will have to make sure you handle all other matters properly. I’m referring to things like your bank account, services you use, organizations you are a member of, etc.

I know how hard it is to organize all this so I thought it would be cool to list all the important things here. If any of you are about to move, this would be a great checklist you could use.

don't forget
Change of address

Notify the post office, insurance companies and credit card issuers that you will be having a new address.


Contact your bank and tell them you want to transfer your account to a new location. It would be a good idea to start an Internet banking service, if you already don’t have it.

Contact services

Water, gas, cable and telephone companies have to be contacted. Call them at least 30 days ahead so that you can settle all accounts on time.

Medical records

You need to have copies of your medical records and this is the right time to get them. If you have children, you will need school records for them too.


List everything you need from your current home and pack those items into the boxes. You will find useful tips on packing at
packing tipsValuables

Consider how you want to move your valuable items like documents, jewelry, antiques or shares. It’s best that you carry these on your own.


A must when you’re moving. Get traveler checks if you don’t feel comfortable carrying a lot of cash with you.

Driving License

Update your driving license with the new address.

And that would be everything I could think of! This is the list I made for myself, but you may be needing to take care of one or two more things, depending on your situation. In any case, if you think I missed something, use the comments!  🙂

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