How Do Colors Affect Our Mood

Although experts don’t have a complete understanding of how and why colors affect our mood, they are certain that they do affect mood. And, given that we live in spaces that are full of colors, choosing the right ones can mean the difference between joy and sadness.

But, to know which colors you should choose, you should know how certain colors affect our mood. When someone tells that they are feeling blue, it means they are sad, but does the color blue really make you feel sad?

Colors are divided into warm, cool and neutral colors. They all affect our mood differently, so choosing right is critically important. The best feel in a room will be achieved by mixing cool and warm colors, striking a balance.

warm colorsWarm colors

Warm colors are colors like red, red-orange, yellow and yellow-green. They are all very cozy and radiant. Small rooms look smaller with warmer colors, and bigger rooms seem more intimate.

Cool colors

They are on the opposite side of the color wheel than warm colors. They include colors like purple, and its shades, blue and its shades and blue-greens. All of these colors feel very calming. They work differently than warm colors, making small rooms larger. A great choice for using cool colors is in sunny rooms because they make the room colder. If the room is not well lit, they will make the room very cold and thus you won’t feel very nice in such rooms. Or you can use some light filtering roller blinds to allow more sunlight in your home space.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are the colors grey, black and white. But, in decorating terms, neutral colors are much more. There’s a difference between the technicality in colors and designer circle terms, because designers often refer to white and black as either cool or warm colors, not neutral.

primary colorsUsing primary colors – Blue, Red and Yellow

Primary colors should be used with caution. Although very effective, using too much of them can feel really bad in a room.


The color blue and its shades in a room will relax you, and make you feel calmer. A great tip is to use blue in your bedroom, exactly because of that effect, it will calm you and make you fall asleep easier. It is also a great choice for working areas, because blue improves productivity. Designers often refer to blue as a clean color, because it can be used in bathrooms and such. If your rooms are a bit dark, try to avoid using blue because it can make you feel sad.


Red is a fiery colors, commonly associated with energy, vibrancy and passion. It gets your blood pumping, and it raises energy levels. Heart rate is often higher in rooms with a lot of the colors red.


Having the colors yellow in your room will make you feel you have more energy, and that you are happier. But, be careful, too much bright yellow, and it will cause fatigue and anxiety. On the other hand, if you use a more soft shade of yellow, you can use it more, because it isn’t so tiring.

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