What To Look For In Your First Inflatable Kayak

Nothing is as much fun as good company, good food, and good activities. In fact, if you live near a lake or the ocean, I doubt there is any more fun you can have other than boating, kayaking, or canoeing. Now, you’re thinking, all these things can cost hundreds of dollars. Sure, if you’re looking to invest in hard boats and kayaks, it’ll be pretty expensive.

Or, you could invest in an inflatable kayak or boat!

kayakingIf you don’t know anything about these puppies, you can head on over to Killer Kayaks Site to read in-depth reviews of a good selection of such kayaks.

But what do you actually need to look out for when purchasing one of these? Let’s get started:

#1. Your Budget: Just like a hard shelled one, you can buy an inflatable kayak for under $200 or close to a $1000. If you’re a newcomer, you may want to stick to the $150-200 range to gain experience and get a feel for what you are getting into.

#2. Construction Time: They’re called inflatable kayaks for good reason! You want to make sure that they are easy to construction, meaning they can be “blown up” within 10-20 minutes TOPS. Also, make sure it’s easy to deflate and pack away in the back of your car.

#3. Tracking: This is the trickiest part. Research whether the product will steer and maneuver decently. How an inflatable boat and kayak maneuver is way different than how a hard shelled one does. They will never be as easy to track as a hard shelled one but some are easier to steer than others.

INFLATABLE-KAYAKThese are some quick and easy tips to start your research.

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