I Love This Search Engine!

Whenever I want to buy something I never bought before, I do a research online. I go to Google and type the name of the product I’m interested in and add the word ‘review’. Then I browse through the results and find pages that have reviews and ratings so I can figure out whether this product is worth buying or not.
I do this with anything and everything I’m interested in: Movies, Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, Cars, Cameras, … anything! And while it’s been a reliable strategy, I have to invest a lot of time to find out everything I want to know. This is mainly because Google will provide you with various search results so you have to go through different websites, of which some don’t even have a review or have one sentence written about it.

Fortunately, I’ve stumbled onto http://shadow.com – a search engine for user reviews. It has everything you want to know about. Once you do a search here, it will show you what people are saying about something. Not only can you quickly learn if a movie, a restaurant or a car is something you might be interested in, you can post your own review as well. It’s a very convenient way of quickly saying what you think about something and discovering what others have to say about various products and services. I love Shadow.com!

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