Why Is Visual Stimulation So Important For Babies

Visual stimulation implies providing babies with many different things they can look at in order to get their attention and allow them to focus on these things. Without proper visual stimulation, children would end up with various neurological deficits which could hamper their development.

8490920926_944b501c86_z_1__2In order to avoid this from happening, it is important that you visually stimulate your baby with various shapes, colours and patterns. These will influence the development of the brain and help with visual development and brain growth. Visual stimulation encourages emotional, physical and cognitive development while it promotes baby’s curiosity and interest in exploration of the surroundings.

Bright And Warm Colours

It has been found that babies and children are attracted to bright and warm colours as they improve their productivity and attention span. This same study showed that babies will respond differently to different colours, not only physically but mentally too. Brain activity, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure can change when the baby is viewing different colours. Different colours can reduce or stimulate alpha brain wave activity and hormone production, which have an influence on concentration, anxiety, energy levels and so on. It has been concluded that colours play important role in physiological and psychological development.

nursery canvas artPatterns And Shapes Develop Babies Memory

Babies use visual cues in order to aid memory. Distinctive stimuli provide specific cues while familiar stimuli provide reassurance. For instance, if the baby looks at the windows, it will realize that he is somewhere in the house, but it will not know where exactly in the house. On the other side, he will relate cot bars with his room so when he sees the cot bars, he will remember many other items that are related to his room. Specially designed nursery canvas art will stimulate and inspire your baby, further promoting his growth and development.

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