When You Want To Read A Good Book…

I’ve read hundreds of books and I can guess how most of them will end, sometimes even where the plot will go. But I have to say I was unable to predict what’s going to happen in Taming the Telomeres. R.N. Shapiro wrote a fantastic novel, I was simply drawn to the story, right from the start.
4-cover-choicesI think only Stephen King was able to do something like this, it’s just amazing how the storyline clicks with you. The first scene was marvelously written and you get through the first chapter without realizing how much pages you’ve read! R.N. Shapiro kept building the momentum in Taming the Telomeres so I couldn’t leave the book and stayed up late until I finished it. I had a couple rough mornings, but it was worth it!

The characters are well developed and they fit the plot perfectly. There are so many twists and turns, you won’t know what’s going to happen and will do good guys win. Mystery, intrigue and a bit of sci-fi is what you will get if you decide to get this novel. It’s a great read, and I’m sure I will get back to this book in a year or two. It’s what I usually do when I get my hands on a masterpiece and Taming the Telomeres IS a masterpiece.

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  1. Christine: I stumbled on your review of my new book, Taming the Telomeres. I want to thank you so very much. It is incredible to know that my book stuck a chord with you as a “revolutionary mom.” As you know my book chronicles the plight of high school senior Amanda Michaels, after she is the only survivor of a jet crash that kills all aboard including her parents. One of the literary agents that turned me down stated she didn’t think a strong young female character like Amanda would resonate with readers. It really made me resolve to prove her wrong, because Amanda endures more by college than some people endure in a lifetime! Reading your review lets me know that a strong leading female works! I also liked your post about helping Niki with her medical fund. Lets hope others chip in there too.

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