How To Convert VHS Tapes To DVD or Media File At Home

Today most families have quite a few VHS cassettes piled up in their attic or basement collecting dust. This was the case with my family as we went to move and I noticed that we had dozens of Vhs cassettes that we needed to convert to DVD or a digital file.

The issue with most VHS cassettes is that they will lose their sound and video quality over time. This is due to heat, moisture, dust and dirt affecting the VHS cassettes. So, to preserve your home videos it’s wise to convert them either to DVD or a media file so that you can preserve your memories for years to come.
There are many ways that you can convert your old vhs to dvd. You can bring it in to a Denver VHS to DVD transfer company or you can learn the steps below for how to convert your cassettes at home.

VHS to DVD (30)Here are three Tips for Converting your home VHS To DVD:

Tip 1:
You can either buy or borrow a VHS to DVD converter from online or a family friend. This process is pretty simple as you only need to connect the VHS to DVD converter to your TV, put in your VHS that you want to copy, put in a blank DVD into the converter and press the “Dub” or “Copy” button on the recorder.

The only downfall with this process is that it is a little slower as the DVD converter will record as the VHS is playing. So the length of the VHS will determine how long it will take to transfer. Also, the conversion leaves you with the video on a DVD which you will have to transfer to a computer if you are wanting a video file.

Tip 2:
Another way to convert inexpensively is to purchase an analog to DVD adapter for your computer. This is typically bundled with a software like Roxio easy VHS to DVD or Corel Easy VHS to DVD. What’s nice about these options is that it makes it easy to transfer to your computer and you will end up with a digital file in which you can use to edit or burn to DVD.

These systems will allow you to connect your VHS player to your computer and use the software to record the VHS. Again, this will be recording at the normal run speed of the VHS, so it is time consuming as well.
The benefit of going this rout is that it can save you quite a bit of money if you have a lot of VHS tapes to convert. You can merely plug your VHS player to your converter and save it to your computer while you sleep or while you are at work. This is a great way to convert two or three VHS to DVD per day.

Tip 3:
The last method can produce the greatest quality and is the most convenient, however it can be the most expensive too. You can either bring in or send in your VHS to have it converted to DVD by a local transfer company or a national box store. Companies like Walgreens, Walmart and Costco offer VHS to DVD transfer services where you can send in your VHS and they will transfer it to a DVD.

Another way to go if you don’t want to send it away is to find a local VHS to DVD Transfer company that will do it in house. This is a really nice way to go where you can get the highest quality and typically make some adjustments to the VHS if there are some things that need to be cleaned up on your video.

This is typically a really nice way to go as you will get the highest quality conversion from a company that does it for a living. The downfall is that VHS To DVD conversion will cost around $15 – $20 per cassette to convert.

These are the top 3 tips for converting your VHS tapes to DVD. Doing it yourself gives you a cheaper option if you have some time on your hands and want to save money in the process. While bringing it in will give you the highest quality output for your VHS tapes.

All in all, its about preserving your memories for watching them down the road. Convert your VHS tapes today before it’s too late.

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