Help Niki With Her Medical Fund

We all experience bad days and bad months. And yeah, some of us go through a terrible year. But when you have to deal with stuff Niki has, you will have to consider how bad the year you had actually was.

Niki suffers from a rare auto immune disease that has to be treated constantly. But even though this is something she is used to, if we can call it that way, she wasn’t prepared for the grim news – she has cancer. I can only imagine how tough that can be, but we will never know how she feels. Dealing with cancer and other medical issues just doesn’t leave much room for having a quality life.

Since she had to move from Casper, Wyoming to Aurora, Colorado she is dealing with a lot of bills. The treatments she has to receive in Aurora so moving from Casper was a must. With all the money spent on medical bills and move from Casper, there’s nothing left for her most basic needs. Without a license, transportation passes and bus pass, she is pretty much immobile.

To continue with her treatments, Niki started a fundraiser at GoFundMe. Check out her page at and see if you can help her. Even a small donation will help as she is currently having the worst year in her life. To say at least.

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