Delete Internet History Permanently

We all want to have privacy, no matter where we live, what do we do and how old we are. We all need to spend some time on our own, without others interfering or judging us. And since the computer is tracing everything and anything we do, it becomes a silent witness of everything we ever searched for or read about on the Internet.

Therefore, it is understandable that we want to remove this data, this online history. All Internet browsers have tools that can help use delete browsing history, although they actually don’t delete history data permanently. To make this happen, you would have to use special software.
historyDeleting History With Browser Tools

Every browser has a tool that can perform this task. Within one or two clicks, you can delete:

  • URL history
  • Images history
  • Cookies history
  • Search history

You would be deleting the data about all sites you visited, images you downloaded, searches you made and which websites you visited at what time. The problem here is: the data is not permanently removed from your computer. The files are still on your computer and someone can easily retrieve them.

What you need is permanent history deletion. You will need to make several steps to perform this task, but luckily, has all the details about deleting history from various browsers and from social media sites you visit. It’s worth checking this website out, you can find out how to protect your privacy properly.


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