Amusing Things Job Applicants Put On Their Resumes

Have you ever wondered just how far people would go to make themselves look good and land the job of their dreams?  While résumés are supposed to provide professional and concise descriptions of applicants’ skills, some manage to give us a glimpse of amusing errors people make in their desire to impress prospective employers. As you can see in this infographic created by the team that designed these great resume templates. Considering the hilarity some of their efforts inspire, it’s a toss-up whether their efforts manage to get them employed for a job other than that of a comedian.

Funny Resume Quotes

Would you hire someone whose main skill seems to be making coffee or menial work like data entry unless the spot happens to be for a gofer? Or applicants who unintentionally let slip that they aren’t good team players and hate their boss with a passion for good measure?  How about a parent who views the job on offer as a chance to escape from domestic responsibilities?  Would a person who only considered the job post you are offering because he had been turned down from NASA do?

To imply that these true to life résumé errors come straight from the horse’s mouth, is an undeserved insult on horses. So let’s just call them what they really are: the ten funniest things people put on their résumés.

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