The Cold, Dark Days Of Second Hand Are Behind Us And Nearly New Sales Are Hot

When I was a child, secondhand shops were dingy and gloomy with only junk, stigma and humiliation. They were an environment where I covered my face as my grandmother traipsed me in, seriously anxious that none of my friends would spot me.

I did in fact, once eventually inside, love digging around for second hand treasures, or browsing for pretty dresses in their second hand kiddies clothes section – as long as it stayed on the quiet.

Mother With Children Relaxing On Outdoor Garden Swing SeatThese days I am pleased to report, it’s totally different. Preloved shopping is cool, pleasant and agreeable – with things like auction sites and used goods from garage sales; almost new shopping is proving to be popular. Today, most peeps are now proud to say yeah it’s a Vintage Darling, or I picked it up in this Gorgeous little nearly new sale for such a bargain – I only had to pay a few quid!

The do it yourself movement is going strong – it has grown up from the recession, and everyone still likes the odd bit of jam making and diy. For new parents, good quality second hand baby items that are in top condition are a crucial part of their baby’s kit.

Now, it’s the switched on mummies that are getting in on the action. The second hand baby goods scene has mushroomed, and I’m not that amazed really. The fun factor of finding impeccable quality kids clothes for a small percentage of the full ticket is just common sense for most mothers and fathers.

Helen, a mum of two girls says “I usually take the bus along to the nearby nearly new baby sale, as I can get some great quality items for both my children and it costs so much less than it would anywhere else. I never miss the nearly new sale London up the street from the kids school”.

There is tons of info to be found, ranging from well meaning relatives, to parenting magazines offering tips whilst besieging expectant mums with advertisements for products they don’t have any need of.

The family nearly new sale is its own local gathering, where people with children already can offer their wisdom to expectant mums, and before you know it they will be the ones selling baby clothes themselves. It’s comforting to have the opportunity to join in with an event full of others who have already had the experience themselves.

Fabulous kids clothes and toys are hard to find. So next time you stay in London, do pop in for your second hand baby items and a cuppa. Be advised though – the more you keep coming, the more addicting nearly new sales become!

Natalie Taylor is owner at Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale. is an emerging company, meaning you can trust second hand baby items from Poppy & Pickles. Visit the website:

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