How To Create A Kid’s Dress Up Box

Who hasn’t found their daughter in their closet, with her hands in high heels? Or their son dressed as a cop or a cowboy? From very young, we are always curious about playing pretending and dressing in costume. It’s great to pretend to be someone else for a day, and to use costumes and props to create a fantasy world.

If your kids love the magic of costumes and Halloween, give them that same feeling all year round with their very own dress up box.

A dress-up box is a trunk of clothes and props your kids can use at any time to create their games. You could fill it with kids costumes from stores, as well as thrift store finds, costume jewellery and other props. Whenever the kids wanted to play, they just dive into the trunk and pull out the appropriate costume.

Here’s some ideas for kids costumes and props for your dress-up box:

dress up boxJewelry

You can’t dress as a princess without having some bling! In fact, jewelry makes most costumes even better – think big beaded necklaces and sparkly tiaras. All sorts of costume jewelry would be great in a childrens dress-up box: princess crowns and fairy wands, long strings of beads and faux pearls, big amulets, rosaries, chunky bracelets … you name it, they will love it. Hunt around garage sales and thrift stores for bags of jewelry at bargain prices. Just be careful with objects like earrings or broaches with sharp attachments.


Costume makeup isn’t just for dress-up parties and Halloween, with these face paint kits handy in your kids dress-up box the possibilities are endless. Will you be a zombie or a clown? A butterfly or a monkey? With some parental supervision your kids can create looks all of their own. We recommend makeup that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, safe for all!


What would a dress-up box be without kids costumes? An empty dress-up box, thats what. Make sure you have the staple childrens costumes: policemen, superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and fairies. You can also include kids costumes based on their favourite characters or rock stars, as well as general clothing they can mix and match to create their own fantasies.

Spirit Halloween has a wide range of dress up ideas for kids of all ages. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with a collection of amazing costumes in their dress-up box.

dress upAccessories

No costume is a great costume without accessories. Every dress-up box needs its share of wigs, hats, masks and outfit kits. What’s a policeman without his hat? Or a pirate without her hook-hand? Your dress-up box just wouldn’t be the same without these accessories. The different childrens costume combinations will make for hours of fun!  

Want more ideas for your kids costume dress-up box?  Check out these beautiful kids dress up box ideas on Pinterest.

Don’t just save up all your dress-up ideas for Halloween: with a dress-up box at home, costumes might just become as popular as wearing pajamas.

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