Someone Who Keeps You Happy

Do you have someone that keeps you smiling, someone who makes the bad thoughts go away? Some who makes you feel sane?

I believe every person should have someone who helps them steer through life. Without having somebody to show you the way from, time to time, it would be very difficult to thread through life. Days would seem dull and gray, and even the smallest problems would look like mountains. I think some of you can remember how that looks like. And some of you are currently going through one of those gray days. Unfortunately, it seems that many people just can’t get a break from these. And I’m sure they would be much happier with a love of their life by their side.
heart-and-sunsetI know many single people complain how world is getting tougher and tougher. It seems people have less understanding for one another, there’s more hatred and violence than love and joy. And this affects everyone. The entire world would look very different if people would smile more, be more relaxed and stop worrying so much.

I read a great post at, it reminded me how important it is to have a connection with another person, whether that person is your partner, your spouse or a friend. Connections with others is what keeps us happy and satisfied with our life. I think people should turn to people, instead of staring at their smartphones and tablets. You can’t get what you need from a machine, no matter how many interesting information it may offer or what kind of games it has. We are all humans, and we all need to feel human kindness and smile.

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