Save And Get More Money At CouponMeUp

There’s some good news I wanted to share with you folks. For all of you who are into coupons, you will be happy to hear that now allows all users to benefit more from being a member of that site. If you are not a member there, go sign up now!

Users can now add their wallet address and save it in their profile so whenever they post a coupon, they can get a tip from another user of from directly. This changes things drastically and I believe many will be motivated to post coupons now and all users will have a lot more benefit from this.
People who run decided to start with BitCoin and MintCoin addresses. First 10,000 users who register will receive 100 mintcoin. Of course, when you register, you have to add your wallet address as well. It’s a great way to start your new adventure, save money, get money, meet new people and have fun!

Don’t waste your time, get to CouponMeUp and follow them on Twitter. A bird told me they’re going to give away a lot more coins in the near future.

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