IndieGogo Campaign You Simply Can’t Ignore

Teaching kids is tough. I think people who teach children are real artists because they have to us their creativity to help each and every child learn. All those folks who help little ones discover new things and learn more about the world are today’s heroes, if you ask me.

While I was browsing through different blogs, reading comments and clicking through links, I found an interesting post about an ESL teacher, Francesca. She is currently in Beijing, working with kindergarten children and helping them learn English. What I immediately thought is how hard it must be to teach English to children that speak the language you don’t even understand. But, Francesca goes one step forward.

She is actually working with kids who have Autism and ADHD. Although the environment she is working in did not require her to teach children with learning challenges, she wanted to make the effort. There are many different new things and approaches she tried and developed some of the techniques and skills that helped many children overcome learning obstacles. Of course, schools noticed this and are interested in Francesca methods.

Unfortunately, no school is ready to completely stand by Francesca even though she has fantastic methods and wants to develop new approaches and even new learning tools to help children learn English. Some of the learning materials she wants to develop is phonics book and Magic Pen. These two can interact and help children learn the sound of the letters.

Since Francesca is looking to further improve her methods, she decided to use IndieGogo to fund her project. Crowdfunding is probably the best way to open a new training center and if you are interested in the entire story, you can check out Francesca’s page here   You will learn everything you need to know on that page. Of course, if you decide to fund her project, you can receive her method, Magic Pen and some other goodies that your kid can use. I think this is one of the more interesting IndieGogo projects as you actually get to help a lot of children, including yours.

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