A New Instagram Downloader I Can’t Live Without

I remember how I searched for a program/software that would help me get all my favorite photos from my Instagram account. And of course, I couldn’t find anything that I could use so I had to use a cable to get the photos to my PC. Well, that’s something I won’t be doing any longer.

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader does exactly what its name implies – it helps you download any photo from your Instagram to your computer, quickly and easily. You can download the entire collection of photos you have or only one or two photos. Then you can view these photos in a slideshow, print them or do whatever you want with them.
There are many useful options within this program, these are all easy to understand and use. The one I like the most is that you can download photos as .img files or in a ZIP file. That’s a great feature because I can easily get the photos I made when I was out with a friend, and just email it. Yup, with several clicks, I get all the photos I want, download them and just forward them to my friend’s email address.

I didn’t notice any issues with Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader, it worked fast and flawlessly. The moment I entered my username, I could scroll through all the photos in the gallery. No lag is present and it’s easy to select photos you want to download. And yes, you can print the photos immediately, if that’s what you need. I used this feature only once, it worked without problems. I’ll definitely be using this again, as soon as I get my cartridges refilled  🙂

Anyways, I’m really happy someone decided to make this program. Many family photos I made are stuck on my Instagram account just because I don’t have the time to get them all to my PC. But now that’s no longer the case. They’re all going right to my computer, where I can store them and print the best ones.

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