Austerity Britain Digs For Victory

There is a large detached Victorian house in the quiet town of Dawley, Shropshire, inhabited by a young family. When you step into their capacious back garden, you could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time to the war years. There is a hen house and run, but also a thriving allotment, growing such delights as potatoes, cauliflowers and carrots amongst many other varieties of vegetables. The young man to whom all this work can be credited has produced all these thriving plants from an uncomplicated process ongoing since the beginning of time: plant and grow.

He is not alone. Up and down the country gardening has no longer become just about having the prettiest blooms in Summer – for some families, it’s a matter of survival. We only have to turn on the TV to see that thousands have sought help from food banks. Fortunately the weather this Summer has provided ample growing conditions for plant and grow, with millions adopting the wartime spirit – except it’s a very different war – this time we are fighting against the poverty line.

I once tried myself to have a go at my own vegetable patch and between choosing the right seeds and finding the right gardening book, I lost the will to do it. What I need like so many other people is a solution whereby everything comes in a ready to plant and grow kit. Luckily there are such companies about, producing plant and grow full kits to enable the humble gardener with even the most pressurised of lifestyles to grow anything from a salad selection to the ingredients for a stir fry! There are even such things as edible flowers, which can bring interesting flavours to a culinary creation!

unusual giftThese plant and grow kits are inexpensive when one considers what a typical vegetable or herb shop costs these days. Once the plants are started off you will have a bountiful supply of food that just keep on giving simply by using the method plant and grow.

Despite the age of austerity, obesity continues to be on the rise. Many believe this is down to the amount of processed food people are consuming. Some turn to weight loss groups for support and many of these brand name have reduced their membership to get bodies through the door. One such brand name openly admits it is cheaper to buy processed food rather than fresh ingredients for a meal. Therefore these kits might might be the perfect unusual gift, not just benefit the young family struggling to live just above the poverty line, but also slimmers who take an active interest in what they eat. The outlay on herbs and spices alone, as well as the number of vegetable ingredients needed to be successful in battling the bulge! Not to mention the health benefits of a few hours in the garden or in the greenhouse planting, potting and transferring plants!

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