5 Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

Let’s face it: going to the dentist feels like one of the worst things you need to. You only go to the dentist for your regular cleanings but if your mouth hurts, your worst nightmares take a life of their own. What could be? Surely, a cavity if you’re lucky…. And most certainly a root canal, if you’re that unlucky!

First, to be honest with you, a root canal can be smooth sailing as long as you have a skilled endodontist. I had a special case and it did take a good 2 hours but my dentist was gentle and very patient. The typical procedure will involve numbing your mouth so you can’t feel ANY pain. If you’re having trouble finding good tips for your dental hygiene, check out the blog section of Dentist Escondido Now for solid information.


But let’s reel all those negative thoughts in. How do you know if you need a root canal in the first place? Following are 7 symptoms that may hint that you need a root canal… but remember, only a dentist can tell you conclusively what your treatment plan may involve. Here we go:

1. Severe toothache: Do NOT ignore toothaches! By heading to the dentist as soon as possible, you may be able to catch the problem early on. Perhaps the pain is resulting from a small cavity. Ignoring the pain will lead to a worsening the problem.

2. Swelling around the tooth/gum area like a bubble: This was a major sign that I needed a root canal. I remember a bubble like swollen surface along my back tooth for a few days. Nothing would settle it and finally, I headed to the dentist. After a quick nerve test, she told me that the nerve in my tooth was completely dead and that I needed a root canal to clean the festering infection.

3. A weird smell from the tooth or gum: Another symptom I personally experienced. I remember a not-very-pleasant smell festering in that part of my mouth. Don’t ignore this. This smell usually results from an infection.

4. Discoloration of the tooth: This is simple. Is there discoloration of your tooth? That’s alarming in itself. Get in as soon as possible and have this checked out. Discoloration can occur in random spots on your tooth.

5. Prolonged Sensitivity of hot or cold temperatures: This symptom doesn’t necessarily mean you need a root canal but it does hint at a problem. Your teeth can be sensitive to hot or cold but when it’s bothersome, there is probably an underlying issue.

Realistically, every situation is unique. Your dentist may spot a cavity and that could be the end of it. If you go for a cleaning every six months, your dentist will be able to pick any budding issues regarding your teeth. If you need more helpful information regarding root canals, check out this detailed article: http://dentistescondidonow.com/need-a-root-canal-escondido/ This article will go into details about root canals, what it is, and what to expect if you’re going in for one.

Just put aside your fears and give your local dentist a call. Ask them plenty of questions and if you’re uncomfortable about something, make sure to address that point with your dentist and endodontist.

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