How Can Inversion Tables Help You With Back Pain

I felt a bit awkward when I first heard about inversion tables. I couldn’t imagine what that was and my husband told me that’s exactly what his doctor recommended him for his back issue. I thought he’s going to need a surgery or at least some pills to relax his muscles, nerves and ease the pressure on his joints. But no surgery and no pills were necessary and my husband got rid of lower back pain and few other back issues with an inversion table.

What’s An Inversion Table?

Basically, it’s a regular table that can be turned around. You simply lie down on the table, strap your feet to it and then work the pivot mechanism to flip upside down. The gravity will then stretch your body, decompressing all the joints you have. So, your spine, hips and knees will no longer be pressured as the gravity is pulling in the opposite direction. Inversion therapy works best for folks with back problems as the joints in vertebrae will get decompressed.

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While you might feel strange lying upside down, you will get used to it after several therapy sessions. And you’ll be motivated to continue because your chronic back pain will reduce, headaches will disappear and you will feel more energetic (due to improved blood flow). My husband and I read a lot about inversion tables and we found at that many people use them to reduce constant back pain. Folks with spinal misalignment, bad posture and weak bad muscles develop lower back problems. And gravity only adds to the problem.

What’s important is that you need to choose the suitable inversion table so you will be as comfortable as possible. If you’re comfortable, you will be able and willing to continue inversion therapy and this will greatly improve your health. It’s best that you choose newer tables as they are much more comfortable and will provide better results. Just look for inversion tables 2014 and you will find the newest models.

Some other benefits you will enjoy with inversion therapy are:

  • You will preserve your height
  • Reduce the stress on your back, neck, hips and knees
  • Improve your blood circulation
  • You will become more flexible
  • Oxygen supply to the brain will be increased


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