School Trips: Questions to Ask the Teacher Before a School Trip Abroad

It’s not unusual for parents to ask lot of questions when their child comes home from school with a permission slip for a school trip. School trips abroad can be particularly daunting for parents, particularly if their child has not been away before without Mum or Dad. Here are a few important questions to ask teachers before the trip to put your mind at ease.

How will my child get to their destination?

Whether they’re travelling by coach, boat or plane, it’s important to know details of your child’s journey so that you can make preparations for the day. If your child gets travel sick, you can visit their doctor beforehand to get the appropriate tablets. You may have to provide a packed lunch if the school is travelling by coach, but a meal might be provided if travelling by plane. It’s important to ask as many questions as possible so that you’re organised on the day.

School Trip AbroadWhat activities will my child take part in?

School trips can be fun filled learning experiences which can inspire children and teach them more about the world. In particular, school trips abroad can help children to learn about different cultures while giving them a taste of independence.

But in order for children to get the most out of their school trip, it’s vital that their itinerary is packed full of activities. Before you sign the permission slip and hand over the money, contacting the teachers for more details can give you a better insight into what your child will be doing while away. This is also a great way to put your mind at ease.

How much will my child learn?

Some school trips are arranged as a treat for children after lots of hard work or great results, but others are designed to enrich pupils’ learning. Often, a break from the classroom can really help and studying in a new environment can offer children a whole new perspective on the topic in question. Children are also more likely to remember the things that they learn on a school trip for years to come. If you’re concerned about the cost of a trip and would like to know where your money is being spent, don’t hesitate to contact the school to find out how the trip will help your child’s learning.

Who is responsible?

It can be a good idea to contact the school to find out who is responsible for your child. It may be the case that different teachers are assigned different pupils to watch over or all members of staff might share equal responsibility of the children as a group. The school has a responsibility to care for your child while they’re away and a number of health and safety measures will be put in place to ensure that all children are properly looked after.

Can they take a mobile phone with them?

It’s understandable for parents to want to keep in touch with their children when they go on a school trip, and by taking a mobile phone with them to their destination, this can be made easier. But most schools recommend that valuables such as phones, tablets, iPods and jewellery are left at home. Some schools might have specific rules surrounding valuables, but others may just offer as few guidelines, so it’s worth contacting your child’s teacher to find out what the rules are.

School trips are designed to be extremely safe and all children will be looked after by both their teachers and guides at all times, so there shouldn’t be any need for mobile phones to keep in touch with their classmates. If your child is travelling with the help of a school trip organisation such as WST, the trip organisers will have years’ of experience in arranging educational and fun school trips for pupils.

If you have any questions whatsoever then don’t hesitate to ask for more information. It’s important that you’re informed so that you can prepare your child for the trip. Some children may be a little bit nervous about being away from home for the first time, so they may have some questions that they’ll ask you themselves.

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