When You Want To Impress With Your Eyelashes

Applying eye make-up like a pro is easy especially when you take into account the basics that are involved. First of all, the following brushes are to be used;

  • Flat stiff brush

  • Pencil brush

  • Stiff dome brush

  • Soft dome brush

In applying eye shadow, there happens to be different shapes that everyone should know. They are:

younique eyelashesSmokey Eye

This type of look is very popular because it gives off the impression of mystery. In achieving the Smokey eye effect, consider using a flat stiff brush in patting a dark color all over the lower lid. The next step is to use a soft dome brush in blending out the crease area and this is by using a medium or light color, which goes on to soften the look.

Cat Eye

This look is done with either eyeliner or eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is the better of the two and this is because it goes on to give a softer appearance. In applying this, you first start with eyeliner by following the lower lash line upwards towards the outer part of the eye after which you apply your darkest shadow by pulling your eye upwards forming a cat eye shape. Using a pencil brush, you then go over the liner so as to set and soften the line.

Snow Globe

This is good for those with flat eyes and the brush to use is the flat stiff one. To achieve a more dramatic look, a shimmer is applied in the middle of the eye lid and a matte shade on the inner and outer part of the eye.

In all this, younique mascara, younique 3D fiber lashes or the normal mascara can be used too.

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