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Just 15 years ago you had to drive to the local estate agent and pay him/her thousands of pounds to advertise and sell your home. But since the Internet brought many changes to our lives, we no longer have to visit the local estate agent. The statistics say that 95% of people who are looking to find a new house use the Internet to find something suitable.

While many people still read the property section in the newspapers, giants like Zoopla and RighMove have the attention of most people who look for a house these days. They helped things change and now the real estate world has truned upside down. Some learned how to work with a 21st century real estate while others are still lingering in the 20th century. Real estate agents will soon have to become online estate agents or they will hardly get any business.

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What are the advantages of selling or buying your property online? You save a lot of money, whether you are buying or selling. That’s the biggest and most noticeable advantage. And when you take into account that average vendor saves thousands and not hundreds, you can understand why the entire market shifted online. If you visit, you will discover that all you need to spend to sell your home is £399 only.  And the best thing is, vendors get all the services they had before, when they had to deal with traditional real estate agents.

We could say that there are two differences that are more noticeable than others. First, you will have to show your property to the buyers. This may be awkward to some, but you have a better chances of selling your property. An agent can’t know everything you do about the property you are selling and the buyer will have more trust in you than in a real estate agent.

The second thing that’s different is that you are setting your own price. The agent won’t come out and value your property, you have to decide what’s the asking price. And luckily, this is not hard to do. If you don’t have an idea what your property is worth, just do some research on the Internet and see what are the prices of properties in your area. There’s nothing more easier than that and you will be on your way to sell your property, without having to spend thousands.

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