Cold Sauna – A Treatment You Have To Try Out

Cryotherapy is not a popular treatment in the US but it’s slowly spreading through the whole North America. But in Europe, cold sauna treatments are helping arthritic and injured patients, as well as athletes who suffer from muscle and joint inflammation. But, what’s cryotherapy anyways?

Cold sauna was designed and made in 1980 by a Japanese physician who wanted to provide a different treatment for rheumatoid arthritis patients. The treatment consists of staying in a room that has a -167 degrees for 3 minutes. This therapy is now helping all patients who suffer from inflammation, endure pain, have fibromyalgia, sciatica, multiple sclerosis, etc.
cold sauna
The icelab has one goal – to cool the body quickly so the body can warp up quickly right after the 3 minute therapy. Since the cold is quite intensive, the treatment doesn’t have to last long to achieve its goal. Some will say that this is an unpleasant experience, but none will say it doesn’t deliver the benefits. And when you use cold therapy for more than once, it becomes more effective.

What you get with cold sauna? Besides the benefits we already mention, here are several others:

  • Reduction in pain sensitivity and pain medicine
  • Improved blood circulation and muscle and joint function
  • Improved oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles
  • Reduced fatigue and skin irritation
  • Joint mobility improved
  • Benefits last for at least 6 months


You can get most of these benefits by taking a shower with a cold water. But that’s rather unpleasant experience and is not as intensive as cold sauna so you would have to apply cold shower therapy quite often. And you would still not gain all the benefits icelab provides. The difference lies in the extreme temperature difference and that there is zero humidity in the cold spa. You won’t feel cold because your body won’t be stripped of heat (due to the zero humidity). And while you are inhaling, your body will be receiving huge amounts of oxygen.

As you can see, there’s a lot to be gained from these cold treatments. If you have the opportunity, try them and see how much your overall health will improve. Take at least 10 treatments and visit the icelab for half a month. I’m sure you will feel better and will get rid of some of your chronic health issues.

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