Saving Money Using Bikes

Bikes are one of the modern marvels in human inventory. Designed to bridge the gap between distance and productivity, bikes were the kings of the road during the vintage era. A true testament to the ingenuity of man, they were the technical precursors of the high-powered and flashy automobiles of the modern time. But with the rise of advanced transportation technology, the number of bikes on the streets are dwindling throughout the years. More people are opting to use gasoline-powered cars with smoke-belching engines to cover the distance from one place to another. Imagine this with the rising skyscrapers of metropolises and the exponential growth of cities, and you have the picture of today’s environment. The fading popularity of bikes among commuters heralds the passing of an era and man’s increasing dependency on machines. Here are three reasons for choosing to use cycling as a means of transportation.

1. Human energy fuels bikes and not gasoline. Your wallet and the environment are happy. Since the cyclist pedals to power the bike, there is no need for constant expenditure on gasoline and fuel. This results into significant daily savings for the commuter. Considering that a liter of gasoline costs at an average price of 1.36 US Dollars worldwide, the omission of gasoline money in the weekly or daily expenses could mean an increased budget for food or utilities. So why pay when you can travel for free? Another important factor that should be considered is that by eliminating the use of gasoline in our daily transportation, we decrease our carbon footprint significantly. Decreased emissions of carbon from cars has a significant impact on the state of our ozone layer. In other words, not only do you save money when you ride a bike, you also save the environment as well.

Bicycle riding2. The cost of a bicycle is significantly less than an automobile.This point is pretty much obvious. A cheap car would cost around a few thousand dollars. This projected cost does not include maintenance cost and customizing expenses (especially for those who love pimping their rides) yet. A good quality mountain bike, on the other hand, would only cost around a few hundred bucks, with most of them falling below the US$500 price range. There are even models which cost less than US$100. The new electrical bicycles cost a little bit more than the manual bicycles, but they still cost significantly less than cars at around the US$500-US$1000 price range. Although a little more pricey than their manual predecessors, e-bikes have integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion and easier pedaling.

3. Bikes allow you to exercise. Exercise is good for the health. When you pedal the bike, you exert energy to push it forward. You also exert energy on your arms and trunk to maintain grip and proper balance to stay on the bike. Does these sound familiar? Yes, it does. Because these actions, when done repeatedly, constitutes an exercise regimen. The rising incidence of lifestyle-related diseases could be traced to the sedentary way of living which is rampant across the world nowadays. By introducing cycling into our daily schedule, we also introduce the element of exercise. By pushing on the pedal, we lengthen our lives by at least a minute or so.

So, why not ride a bike today? It’s free and environment-friendly. Cycling can save you from breaking your bank and a clogged artery. It might even heal your broken heart, for what is more refreshing than sweating out your frustrations and breathing in fresh air, right?

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