What You Should Know About Condoms

When used properly and consistently, condoms are the best possible form of protection you can use to keep sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy at bay. Let’s learn something about these devices.

First of all, you must use a new ‘love glove’ for every sexual intercourse, from the first contact between a penis and vagina or anus, until there’s no more contact. With this in mind, you should never use the same condom more than once and only put it once there’s a full or at least partial erection.

Anal intercourse places more strain on a condom, so you should either use stronger, thicker condoms or their standard counterparts, which can be just as effective provided that you use them with plenty of lubricant. That said, you should avoid any lubricant containing nonoxynol-9 for anal sex as it is likely to increase the risk of STD transmission by damaging the lining of the rectum.

about condoms

Condoms can be divided into two main groups. When people speak about condoms, they usually think of those intended for males, i.e. coverings that fit over a penis, closed at one end. But there also female condoms (vaginal sheaths), which women use by fitting them inside their vaginas. We’ll focus on male condoms this time, but you can check this lovely article if you want to learn more about female condoms.

When it comes to their safety, condoms that were properly tested and approved commonly carry the certain marks saying so. In the US, for instance, they should be FDA approved, while they should be ISO approved in the majority of other countries, although there are certain countries which have their own approval marks.

Condoms are produced in various widths and lengths, so different manufacturers make varying sizes. In any case, there’s no standard length for condoms. Some of them have are slightly narrower so as to provide a closer fit, while others are slightly wider for those who prefer a loose fit.

Condoms now also have a variety of shapes. Most of them come with a reservoir tip, but you can also find those with a plain tip. They may have the regular shape (having straight sides), be form fit (indented for beneath the head of your penis), or even flared (wider over the head). There are also ribbed condoms, which are textured with ribs or bumps in order to increase sensation for sexual partners.

Condoms come with an expiration or manufacture date on the packing, so you should be strongly advised against using one in case this date has passed, so don’t forget to check this it’s when you plan to use a condom. In addition to this, ensure that the package and the very condom seem to be in good condition.

You can find condoms almost everywhere, sexual health and family planning clinics even provide them for free. You can buy them in supermarkets and petrol stations or in vending machines on many locations. Or you can simply purchase your condoms online from a trusted distributors or manufacturers. As there are no age limitations for buying them, purchasing condoms regardless of your age demonstrates that you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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