Cleaning Oriental Rugs – Think Twice

Last time we were cleaning our oriental rugs was few days before Thanksgiving, in 2008 I believe. We were about to host a Thanksgiving dinner and had the preparation going when I noticed that new oriental rugs we had in the living room were not looking so new anymore. I guess this is what usually happens with all the rugs and carpets in the world, but I really had a problem with how they looked. At that moment, I couldn’t accept them looking so grey and dull. So, we had to do something about it.

After a few calls, we figured out nobody wants to deal with our problem. Sure, carpet cleaners were ready to do the job, but after the holidays. Since the holiday was just around the corner, nobody couldn’t clean them on time. So I decided that we should just clean them in our backyard. Although I received some complaints about this, my family members were all outvoted by me  🙂

oriental rug cleaners

After getting all the equipment out, together with the cleaning solutions and everything, we started applying water and detergent, scrubbing everything down, inch by inch. It was a bit too much for us all. It was really an exhausting task, I couldn’t even dream it would be so hard. But we couldn’t back away from it anymore, we had to move forward. It was hard to get that detergent out of the rugs, and we had to take breaks every 15 minutes or so.

Once we finally finished the job, we couldn’t do anything else. We were so tired. We immediately agreed that we will never going to do this again, we’ll just call oriental rug cleaners next time we need these cleaned and let them do all the work. Doing everything by yourself can be fun, sure, but it simply isn’t worth it. And when you have to dry the rugs and carpets out, that’s the real problem. You may think two hairdryers would do the job quickly, but you are wrong. Oh, so wrong. All in all, we learned our lesson – we made the call next time we had to have our rugs cleaned.

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