Why Is Shabby Chic So Popular?

Peeling paint on vintage furniture, chandeliers and mixed flowery patterns, these things are the cornerstones of shabby chic style. Many people adore this trend, while others prefer more formal styles. Despite this mixed opinion, shabby chic has remained extremely popular over the years. Why does this trend have so much staying power and how will this affect your decision to give shabby chic a try? Let’s take a look.

Shabby chic bathroom

Three Factors that Have Made Shabby Chic Popular Over the Years

We can boil the overall shabby chic style down to three key elements. These things have contributed to its popularity, both past and present. These factors are:

  1.  Frugality. This style does not require you to buy expensive brand-new furniture, instead it encourages using hand-me-downs, throwing slip covers on old couches and going to flea markets. This means that you can completely redecorate your house in a shabby chic style for a fraction of what other styles would cost. This also gives you more room to be creative with the money that you do spend on fabric, paint and accessories.
  2. Versatility. A shabby chic design can be implemented into any home, no matter how big or small. You can also use a wide variety of pastel colors, fabric patterns (flowers, checks, stripes, etc.) and furniture styles. Shabby chic involves mixing together many different styles and decorations into one pleasing design. All of these things make it an extremely versatile style that can make any home beautiful.
  3. Influences. Shabby chic is influenced by beautiful houses and villas in the countryside, vintage styles and the comforts of home. These influences make it a warm and inviting style. Although many times considered to be very feminine, there are many ways to create more neutral shabby chic designs by drawing on rustic images of home. This feeling of comfort has helped the style to truly stand the test of time.

It’s obvious that shabby chic will add beautiful soft decorative touches to any home without costing you a fortune. Your family and friends will appreciate this informal, comfortable style, and you’ll be able to continually adjust and refine it. But, is shabby chic right for you?

shabby chic kitchen

Is Shabby Chic the Right Style for your Home?

We’ve seen that shabby chic can work in pretty much any home. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. As we’ve mentioned, some dislike the femininity and informality of the style. While it’s true that the style tends toward soft colors and comfort, it doesn’t mean that masculine touches can’t be added to it or that shabby chic style can’t be incorporate into your overall design. The key is to experiment and find what you like.

This extremely versatile style has been a mainstay of modern homes and appears to still be going strong. But, is it the right style for you? In summary, if you love vintage styles, the comfortable feeling of being at home and hunting for the perfect decorative pieces, then shabby chic is definitely the style for you. So, look up some shabby chic designs and see how this wonderful style can beautify your home!

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