How To Clean Your Beverage Center?

While I was reading the producer’s manual of my beloved beverage center, I suddenly felt like I am flipping out! Ok. I must admit that was not the first time. But reading this obscure literature just blew my mind! Let me start from the very beginning.

Why, for God sake, I would use a hammer to change the inner light bulb of my fancy undercounter beverage center? Do not think that I am kidding. That’s what is exactly written in the famous manual. Literally!

„DO NOT USE A HAMMER TO FIT THE LIGHT BULBE“, says the producer’s expert team!!! Oh boy. This just confirmed my paranoid suspicions that Earth is overcrowded with aliens and that object crashed over Roswell is not a regular weather balloon.

What is next? Opening the door of the beverage center with an old fashioned TNT stick; turning it on-off with a pneumatic hammer or just burning it with a DIY napalm bomb…These guys are really incredible.

undercounter beverage center

But that is not all. Several lines after this ingenious tip, another advice roared into my gentle ears: „Avoid sprinkling the water over a power installations“. Now I really start to panic. Is there any normal person buying home appliances or just suicidal ones? Sprinkling water over electric! That can do only chosen.

Somebody has to draw a line. This article is not for those who enjoy hurting themselves and spending spare time destroying every device in the home.

Cleaning beverage center in a right way

If we forget this kind of SM practice at the moment, the producers of beverage center still have some good advices about cleaning and maintaining your favorite appliance.

For example, if you are using aggressive chemicals for fridge cleaning, it will probably turn your device in the flecked creature- things like ammonia, chlorine bleach and strong detergents damages and discolors devices.

Using a combination with neutral soap and mild water will surely do the job perfectly. Whether you are cleaning outside or the whole interior with racks, glass shelves or door gasket, this simple solution will make miracles with your beverage center.

However, if you want to get supreme clean effect, we suggest you to try the „magic solution that was proven years before- good old baking soda and water. There’s nothing more effective and easier than this.

  • In a glass of warm water (not hot) add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it until the substance is completely dissolved. And that is that. Use a soft sponge or a magic rag for wiping. In just a few seconds, your appliance will shine like a Travolta’s hair in „Grease“.

The glass surface is not difficult to maintain with some mild glass cleaner. But if you want to save money, here is another trick.

  • In a regular plastic bottle with sprayer mix a half- cup of vinegar, one spoon of lemon juice and three cups of water. Shake hard and your magic glass cleaner is ready to use.

Good door sealing is crucial for maintaining the temperature in the beverage center’s cabinet and for appliance’s durability in general. You can clean it with mild water or baking soda mixture, same as other parts of the appliance. However, you must prevent sealing vinyl and the door gaskets from cracking. Here is one secret:

  • Lightly apply petroleum jelly on door hinge and side gaskets. This trick will enable good sealing and optimal power consumption.

One more thing. Although you do not have to clean beverage center’s condenser, we recommend to brush or just vacuum a dirt from it at least once or twice a year. If you do not know, a condenser is usually located below the grill on the bottom front of the cabinet. In this way you will prevent overheating and other serious damages.

However, you must always remember one thing. Before you start cleaning your undercounter beverage center or any similar device, you must unplug it. And yes, don’t change the inner bulb with a hammer and do not spill water over power installation!

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