Considering Sealy For A New Mattress

Sealy is one of the oldest manufacturers of mattresses, there are only few other companies who are on the market as long as they are. And there are even less brands who can offer the level of quality Sealy does. Since they are such an old company, how are they holding with the introduction of new types of beds, like memory foam, latex and air mattresses?

For the last few decades Sealy had great consumer ratings and reviews, which is just a confirmation of the quality they provide. Materials this company is using are in the top and that is the base for a good finshing product – mattress. Sealy innerspring mattress is one of the best because it is using heavy gauges that are heat tempered, so the shape will remain the same throughout the years. This is what makes strong and durable mattress, and Sealy knows it. Buying their beds is alway a good choice, if you can afford the price they are asking for it. But if you are one of those people that appreciate high quality and durability, I know you won’t have any problems with that.

I have to say that there were also some customers that were not satisfied with what Sealy had to offer. Since new technologies appear, they switched from using Sealy to Tempur-Pedic. The viscoelastic mattress appeared better then the old innerspring models that caused back pain to some people. The popularity of these models is growing so the question is will Sealy be able to keep up with the pace? I would say yes, for now, since innerspring beds are what people still buy, much more then all other types of beds combined.

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And the good thing is that the company didn’t wait for the train to pass her by, they also begun with the production of their own version of foam mattresses. They are still having the top quality innerspring, but that didn’t stop them in their progress. They didn’t fall asleep on the job well done. They invested time and money to develop their own foam bed, whish we know as Posturepedic TrueForm.

Your own body creates a temperature that this material will recognize and will change its shape to suit your body contures. It is a good way to give a proper support and deliver orthopedic alignment of the entire body. The catch lies in a multi-layered foam that gives a fantastic feeling for anyone who tries to sleep on it. TrueForm mattresses have other features and benefits, like fire protection. The warranty on these beds is 20 years. Now you can see how much faith and trust Sealy has in its own products. They are expensive, but worth every cent.

You will be able to choose from many different models when you go out to buy a Sealy mattress. The core will have different thickness and the layer too. Its best if you try each one of them and see how they fit your personal preferences. We do not enjoy in the same type and mattress firmness.

Its the same thing with Sealy latex mattresses, they have a SpringFree line that is consisted of several diffrent types of beds. You will choose these if you want to fight off the allergens.

As you can see, Sealy is still doing it right and has everything under control. It is an important company that is leading the development of bedding industry with few others. We will yet to see how will Sealy Posturepedic match the Tempurpedic beds, because both are still young. When these products remain in homes for 15 years, we will know they have quality.

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